Construction law / Contract for work and services / Real estate

If you want to purchase, sell, build or renovate a property, our law firm can assist you in drawing up the contracts. If a building contains defects if a builder fails to meet his payment obligations, we will take the necessary steps for you in good time. We will also support you if your request for a building permit is refused or if you have problems with neighbors. If necessary, we cooperate with trustworthy building experts.

  • Advice on real estate purchases / sales
  • Drawing up or checking sales contracts
  • Control of work contracts or construction specifications
  • Notification of defects in the law governing contracts for work and services or in the law governing the sale of goods
  • Enforcement of warranty rights
  • Land servitudes
  • Building permits
  • Justification declarations for condominium ownership or regulations
  • Disputes within condominium owners association
  • Disputes under neighboring law
  • Trees and shrubs in neighbor law
  • Construction liens

Specialized in this field are:

Andreas Leuch

+41 44 215 41 41

Felix U. Bretschger

+41 44 215 41 41