Inheritance law and estate planning

Every person will be a testator at some point. Inheritance law basically determines who is the heir and how an estate is divided between the heirs. If you wish to influence this, forward planning is required. In our services, we not only emphasize careful and comprehensive planning, but also tact and empathy. Especially in inheritance law, the interpersonal aspects are of great importance to avoid later conflicts and costly court proceedings.

We offer experience in all areas of inheritance law as well as estate and wealth planning. This applies to both disputed and undisputed proceedings. In our day-to-day counseling, we are aware of our role in the loss of a loved one and in dealing with one’s own passing, and we stand by your side in a sensitive, discreet and supportive manner.

As a result of international mobility, nationality, domicile and location of assets often diverge, leading to complex international issues – here too we will advise you.

We are happy to advise and represent you in all areas of inheritance law and estate planning:

  • Succession and estate planning
  • Tax planning / tax rulings (with the involvement of an external expert)
  • Preparation and review of wills, inheritance contracts, property law agreements and the settlement of an estate
  • Advance inheritances, gifts
  • Execution of wills and legal advice to executors of wills
  • Representation of heirs
  • Company succession and succession planning for family businesses
  • Establishment and supervision of foundations and trusts
  • Inheritance disputes (lawsuit regarding inheritance, invalidity, reduction, equalization, inheritance division)
  • Assistance to heirs in the establishment of inheritance
  • Security measures
  • Waiver of inheritence
  • Administration of estates and divisions of estates
  • Representation in all matters of inheritance law before courts and authorities
  • Impact of the European Inheritance Regulation on Switzerland

Specialized in this field are:

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Sanaz Habibian

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Andreas Leuch

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Felix U. Bretschger

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