Social insurance law, in particular casualty and disability insurance law

The purpose of social insurance law is to protect the people in the event of casualties (UVG), illness (KVG), retirement provisions, disability and compensation for loss of earnings (AHV/IV/EO; so-called 1st pillar), occupational pension schemes (BVG; 2nd pillar) and includes other insurances such as military insurance, maternity insurance, family allowances, supplementary benefits (EL) and unemployment insurance (ALV).

Our law firm offers comprehensive advice on social security law issues to individuals and companies:

  • Litigation and representation in social security issues before courts and authorities
  • Representation in appeals of decisions and objection to decisions in disability insurance and casualty insurance law
  • Assessment and review of degree of disability, integrity compensation as well as daily allowance and pension entitlements
  • Assessments of work and earning capacity as well as medical reports
  • Assessments in causality disputes in accident insurance law

Specialized in this field is:

Marianne I. Sieger

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