Felix U. Bretschger
lic.iur.et rer.soc. Attorney at Law

Tel.: +41 44 215 41 41
Fax.: +41 44 215 41 49

Felix U. Bretschger works as a lawyer and mediator FH (economy, environment and administration). After more than 30 years of self-employed work, he has gained a wealth of experience and today deals primarily with issues of inheritance and succession planning as well as general contract law, real estate property law and tenancy law. He also acts as executor and ombudsperson.


  • Consultant at SILK Attorneys at Law as of July 2022
  • Partner at Bretschger Leuch Attorneys at Law 2009-2022
  • Partner at Bretschger Umbricht Attorneys at Law 1998-2009
  • Foundation of the firm in 1990

Previous professional activities

  • Member of the Bar Examination Commission of the Canton of Zurich
  • Ombudsman of an association for house and apartment ownership
  • Board of Directors and Foundation Board mandates
  • Member of a cantonal court commission
  • Teaching position at a university of applied sciences
  • Litigation Representative in the Municipality of Zurich
  • Deputy Youth Advocate
  • Legal Secretary at the District and High Court of Zurich

Various publications, co-authorship on the annotated model lawsuits (Schulthess, 2nd ed. 2022)

Voluntary activities in clubs and associations


  • Swiss and Zurich Bar Association


  • English, French, German, Italian