Iran Legal Consulting

Switzerland and Iran maintain good diplomatic relations. Their representatives meet regularly for political consultations. Switzerland acts as a protecting power and represents US consular and diplomatic interests in Iran. As a native of Iran, our partner Sanaz Habibian speaks fluent Persian, her native language, and has a deep understanding of Iranian culture. This enables us to offer extensive advisory services with regard to Iran. We have access to a broad network of competent specialists in Iran, which enables us to address and resolve legal and commercial issues there.

We will gladly advise you and represent your interests in the following areas:

  • Legal advice and representation for Iranian clients in Switzerland (private law and commercial law matters, as well as the rights of residence, establishment and naturalisation)
  • Legal advice and support for Swiss companies looking to conduct business in Iran
  • Debt collection and enforcement in Iran
  • Iranian family law (marriage contract, divorce, bridal dowry, etc.)
  • Iranian inheritance law (last will and testament, settling of succession matters)

Specialized in this field are:

Sanaz Habibian

+41 44 215 41 41